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Core Creative Education, is a community interest company and runs a successful Outdoor Environmental Education Programme for young people at Limemead Farm in Halstock, Dorset.  We deliver Courses for children in the holidays and 1:1 Mentoring for young people in school time and after school.

Please see Mentoring Programme for further information.

Core Creative Education have developed the Mentoring programme at Limemead Farm, providing bespoke, unique and outstanding programmes of support for young people.  The programme has grown organically over 10 years.  It has become a ‘Sanctuary for Young People’, which led to the building of new infrastructure and buildings at the Farm in 2019.

“Young peoples’ love for learning outdoors is re-ignited at the Farm, leaving them replenished, calmer and more connected to themselves, more centred and better connected to the world they are apart of”.

All our courses and our Mentoring Programme are designed to learn from and about our natural world, through the arts, natural crafts, environmental awareness, caring for farm animals and wildlife and developing appreciation for the history and traditions of rural living.  Our courses also incorporate developing skills in problem solving, risk taking, creativity and teamwork. 

Animal Facilitated learning Programme:

  • Equine and goat care and therapy
  • Poultry care and rehabilitation
  • Lamb rearing
  • Pet pig care
  • Halstock Hedgehog Rescue, Release and Rehabilitation

Land Management Programme:

  • Horticulture
  • Maintenance and development of wildlife habitats
  • Machinery maintenance
  • Farm maintenance

Natural Crafts Programme:

  • Willow weaving
  • Green woodworking
  • Working with Clay
  • Camp fire craft and cooking
  • Fleece to felt
  • Blacksmithing

The Mentoring Programme runs 5 days a week throughout term time and works with young people 1:1 or in small groups.  These students have neural diversity and attachment and trauma difficulties.   The Mentoring Programme is supportive and nurturing and caters for their specific needs by providing an alternative space for them to learn and grow in, providing support and respite for them and their families.

Forest & Farm Club courses run in the holidays.  Please ask for further information, as due to the Corona virus many courses at Limemead Farm have not been running.

“We believe in listening to our students and helping them to develop what is the right path for them.  As experienced educators in the fields of engagement, outdoor education and the arts, we have a firm belief  that  children and young people should have every opportunity to learn in a practical, hands on environment.  At Limemead Farm, we have developed Core Creative Education as the cornerstone of our philosophy for engaging young people.  With a wide range of ecosystems, animals, plants crops and craft activities, we are able to give young people the chance to reconnect with the natural world around them and to find out more about themselves and what makes their heart sing”.  Rachelle and Alasdair Green

“By rekindling our relationship with the Earth, by working with the materials it provides, through traditional crafts and landscape skills we can regain our sense of self. We can rediscover that by working to transform these materials we transform ourselves also. By teaching our children these skills, we can enable them to craft their own futures.”  Bernard Graves

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Environmental Education Centre, a project for new infrastructure to significantly develop the Education Programme, partly funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

Core Creative Education CIC received funding from the Dorset LEADER fund in April 2019 to develop Limemead Farm into an Environmental Education Centre.  Funding created a new Education Building, housing facilities for students to access.  A Barn/workshop for woodwork, engineering and mechanics projects and blacksmithing and a new Car Park.

April 2019 – Funding in now in place!

15th July/ August 2019 – Works begin and Barn workshop is erected.

September/ October 2019 – Education Building is completed, including office, cloakroom, disabled toilet, kitchen and classroom facilities.

November 2019 – The kitchen and disabled toilet installed in The Oak Tree Cabin (new name for the Education Building).  Car Park is completed.

January 2020 – Oak Tree Cabin, Barn/Workshop and Car Park are complete.

This new infrastructure will significantly develop the Mentoring Programme that has developed at Limemead Farm, providing an Alternative Provision to support and nurture young people.

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