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Building of the Environmental Education Centre at Limemead Farm.

Its been a busy, noisy summer at Limemead Farm.  Core Creative Education CIC based at Limemead Farm, was awarded part funding from the LEADER Fund to build an Environmental Education Centre, to develop rural employment for the thriving alternative education provision at the Farm and to develop further courses and activities for the community.

Work began on 15th July 2019.  I am writing on 13th August and we thought it would be good to update you all, as the Farm will look very different in certain places.

The external structure of the Barn is due to be finished next week, with the internal building work for the Barn to unfold through September.

The Education buildings’ groundworks are almost complete with the structure being erected in late September.

The car park will be finished at the end of October 2019.

The changes for us all at Limemead Farm will be many as we move into September.  The electrical cables for the new buildings will involve digging up part of the driveway and digging up through the garden.  Much of the previous garden around the farmhouse has now changed, due to fences being removed to develop access to tip sites.  The wild flower meadow’s access has now been improved so that we can use this space for car parking in September.

All the animals have been very happy in their new homes and even all the rehabilitating hedgehogs have managed to gain weight and recover from all their various illnesses over the last month and are almost ready to be released.


Barn Before

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Dismantling of the Old Barn

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Development of the new car park

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New barn being erected

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Education Building foundation works

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