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Accredited Courses For Young People

Core Creative Education is now a registered provider of the ASDAN qualifications.  Core are currently running ASDAN accredited courses for 25 young people, 11 years +.

Core are now able to offer the ASDAN short courses opening a pathway to leading to a GCSE comparable award in the following subjects:

  • Animal Care
  • Land based vocational opportunities, Farming Practises,
  • Environmental Studies
  • Expressive Arts.

Here are some examples of the types of projects young people have completed:

‘Endangered Species:  To help save our forests – what should we buy?’ by Elfin Bonome

‘Why track Hedgehogs’ by Charlie Green

‘How to Train Your Goat’ by Lily Drake

‘Bee Keeping’ by George Green

‘Parasites – what you didn’t know!’ by Ellie Pass

ASDAN Tutorials cost £35 a session and can take 1-2 years to complete, depending on types of programmes that they are studying.

For further information contact Rachelle Green at

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