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Mentoring Programme

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The Mentoring Programme is designed especially for young people who have additional needs and who would benefit from a student led programme, working on a 1:1 basis with one of our team.

Educational activities delivered at Core Creative Education CIC, focus on hands on, experiential, choice driven activities to educate and develop students’ mental wellbeing, physical, social, emotional health through fun, immersive, creative, environmental, outdoor education.  All our of Programmes incorporate subjects in Maths, Science, Literacy, Engineering, Environmental Science, History and Art.

Core Creative Education develops a deep connection with the natural world alongside an extended family of Animals living at the Farm.  This provides a therapeutic, calming, nurturing and grounding experience for young people, enabling them to develop a deep sense of themselves within this environment, addressing issues with emotional wellbeing, developing confidence and self esteem through achievable tasks and problem solving, building resilience in their lives.

We provide a diverse range of Natural craft and Outdoor cooking throughout the year, to deliver an Integrated, Sensory and Therapeutic programme for young people.

For those students ready to extend their learning and skills in other areas, we offer a range of other Practical subjects in Engineering, Horticulture, Land Management, Woodwork & Blacksmithing.  There is also access to Maths and Science tuition, building knowledge and confidence in these subject areas.

In order to understand the depth of the programme we offer, we have split the programme into 3 areas.  These programmes cross over from day to day and blend aspects from different programmes to provide a bespoke, tailored education to suit students’ individual needs and abilities.

Students work with a 1:1 Mentor or in small groups, so their programme can be tailored according to the students needs throughout the day.

  • Programme of Core Subjects in Experiential Education
  • Programme developing Therapeutic Sensory Integration
  • Programme developing Nature Connection & Mindfulness

Below are some testimonials from schools and parents on the success of the Mentoring Programme for Young People.

“We have found the package of support provided to one of our pupils, invaluable in meeting a very complex set of needs. The student led approach at Limemead Farm and their willingness to adapt and work with the needs for the pupil in question have been key in securing progress towards outcomes. It has enabled a child to stay in a mainstream setting who would otherwise have faced an out of county placement. The team are able to work at the pupils pace and tailor the program of support to address the pupils needs in a sensitive way that helps to develop skills that prepare them for the challenges they face in other settings. For our pupil these changes had proved impossible to achieve in the school environment alone and it is only through the unique package you have been able to offer him that progress has been made”.  Bridport St Mary School.

“CORE has had an amazing impact on our most vulnerable pupils. Pupils who were previously disengaged with their peers have become more engaged with school life. They come back from CORE full of enthusiasm about what they have done and learnt.  One pupil was at high risk of permanent exclusion awaiting an EHCP. CORE managed him excellently through this difficult period and the student has become much calmer, happier, more engaged in his learning and focused. There is real shortage of specialist provision such as CORE. We have a pupil with an EHCP who attending CORE nearly full time next academic year as none of the three identified specialist provision on his EHCP had any places.  As a school we have used a number of other off-site alternative provisions. CORE has by far had the greatest impact on the pupils that have attended. It has given the pupils opportunities that they cannot access anywhere else”. Manor Court Primary School.

“From the very beginning they have sought to really understand my son and how he works best. They have worked incredibly hard to understand him and form a wonderful bond with him, they treat him with respect which he has really come to reciprocate. They have managed to captured his interest and have enabled him to learn patience, perseverance, improved his listening skills and impulsivity, and given him skills which have really boosted his self esteem. As they progressively set him more challenging tasks they have allowed him to finally feel proud of his learning and achievements. I can not praise the staff enough and am so grateful for their vision which has enabled my son to thrive. I do not know how we would have gotten to this point if it were not for all of the staff seeing my son as an individual and meeting his needs, he is like a changed boy thanks to them”.  Parent whose son attends the Mentoring Programme.

“Limemead Farm is a considerable distance from our home but we have always been happy to travel to Somerset to access the consistently high-quality courses which we have not been able to source nearer to home. I believe that the environmental education and experiential learning available at Limemead Farm provide invaluable learning opportunities for children and young people.  My son has additional learning needs and struggles to thrive in a traditional classroom setting.  The courses provided by Core Creative Education have enriched his education, enabling him not only to gain practical skills and experience but also to discover and explore his passions for farming, land management and metal working.  The growing demand for courses at Limemead Farm is testament to the value of this unique educational setting, the quality of the courses provided and the skill and professionalism of the course facilitators.  This is a vitally important resource for those children who struggle to engage with the mainstream curriculum but absolutely thrive within a supported outdoor setting”.  Parent whose son has attended many sessions at the Farm.

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