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Who We Are

Core’s facilitators are qualified teachers, DBS-checked and insured, and trained educators, and have experience working in a range of mediums and groups to develop bespoke educational and artistic programmes.

Alasdair Green. (Education Manager, Mentor, Outdoor Educator).  BA Hons, PGCE in Education.
I set up Core Creative Education, with my wife, Rachelle, as the cornerstone of our philosophy for educating children.  I am a qualified teacher and have a PGCE in primary education.  For 15 years have worked in both primary, secondary and special needs schools in London and Somerset.  In 2010, I became increasingly disillusioned with how the education system was disabling children’s creative learning, the increased lack of pastoral care and disliked the target driven agenda of schools being promoted to the detriment of a stimulating, holistic education.  As a primary school teacher, I often worked with children and especially boys who were disengaged at school and as a result I developed outdoor education opportunities whenever I could.  I set up Core with Rachelle in response to our disappointment in how mainstream education had failed our son. I then trained with Bernard Graves from Pyrites developing my skills in Creative Crafts and the developmental, educational and therapeutic benefits of Natural Crafts.   My current teaching at Core, is to impart my passion and knowledge about our natural world in a fun, creative and stimulating way that will help our children to learn more effectively and develop as individuals.  I work closely with parents and schools and have developed and lead the Mentoring Programme as well as many of the courses at the Farm.

Rachelle Green  (Project Manager, Outdoor Educator, ASDAN tutor).  BA Hons in Sociology, Post Grad. Diploma in Community Dance, NVQ 3 Forest School.

I have developed the programme at Limemead Farm with Alasdair as a ‘Sanctuary for Young People’ to learn about our natural world.  Core’s programme is designed  to enable children and young people to explore, learn and grow and I have over 20 years experience working as an educational arts consultant with a particular focus on young peoples’ physical, social, mental, creative health and well-being.  I believe that every day should ‘surprise and delight’ and that if children are happy they are learning.  I believe in the importance of providing activities that inspire young people, to truly listen and to help children discover their passions and skills.  I manage and develop the programme at Core, occasionally deliver on some of the programmes and run the ASDAN accredited programme for young people.

Nancy Castle (Mentor & Forest School assistant)
I have worked with Core for a number of years and specifically work on the Mentoring Programme working 1:1 with children with additional needs and also as an assistant on the Forest & Farm Club programme. I am also employed by Children’s services to work 1:1 with children in care, and to supervise some children when they have contact with their birth families.  I am currently undertaking additional training in psychotherapy. I have particular interest in client led therapy and education.  I am a Trustee for Core and currently have worked for the company since 2014.

Mickey Bonome.  (Forest School Assistant).  B.A.(Hons) P.G.C.E.
Community Artist, Forest School Worker, Home Educator and Mother of three beautiful young people.  My love for the outdoors and interest in ecology & wildlife, the environment, art, natural and rural crafts, alongside the kitsch and colour of carnival led me to train as an art teacher. I have 30 years’experience as a Community Artist, Teacher and Arts Facilitator , working in schools, hospitals and youth clubs, at festivals, carnivals and melas, with both children and adults of all abilities.  I now take my arts into Forest School activities, & Expressive Arts Workshops for both children & adults . The arts are an important & effective tool to inspire and generate confidence in our self-expression & self esteem & by combining art with nature outdoors, we find a natural tool that helps encourage a connection and greater appreciation of nature for all, helping to bring people together.  I am a Trustee with Core and have worked on a range of their courses since 2013.

Peter Hodgson (Mentor, Farm & Land assistant) NVQ 3 in Countryside & Wildlife Management.

I graduated from Kingston Maurward in summer 2018 and have always had a passion for nature and the outdoors.  I have worked for the Activity Learning & Skills CIC as a project support worker for young people for 2 years before joining Core in summer 2018.  I am also part of the Scouting Movement, and help to lead international expeditions for young people. I am currently a Mentor for young people at Limemead Farm and work alongside Alasdair and Rachelle to manage the land and care for the animals and wildlife here.

Louise Mabberley (Forest School Leader, Mentor) NVQ 3 Forest School Leader

I have been working outdoors as a Forest School Practitioner since 2013 after completing my training in Wiltshire, where I originate from and I have worked with a range of young people with different needs and abilities.  As a child, I was blessed to have a very large, overgrown garden to explore. This nourished my imagination and I believe contributed to my career path choice of becoming an outdoor educator. One of the key aspects of my practice is to keep a healthy connection to my inner child, as this often guides me when I need assistance. I approach things in a playful manner and am always guided by the interests and imagination of the children that I work with. I have a particular interest in all things creative and crafty, working with what nature and the seasons have to offer throughout the year. I feel honoured to be able to help facilitate positive connections with nature for others and give thanks for the learning and understanding that they give to me in turn.  I have been working with Core since Autumn 2018.

Tiffany Lovedale (Mentor and forest school assistant). BSc Hons Environmental Hazards and Disaster Management,City & Guilds Level 2 Furniture Making, NVQ 3 Sport & Allied Occupations.

I have a varied work and volunteer history including spending six months living in rural Zambia with very basic provisions working on a wildlife project. I have worked with children for many years in different settings and capacities; schools/clubs/cubs/sports with a strong focus on SEN and inclusion and pastoral care. I have undertaken courses in sail making, pottery, hedge laying and black smithing. My civil partner and I returned to the Westcountry (shortly after our now 10 year old twin boys were born) having lived in London and Bristol. Our boys attended Steiner Kindergarten for a time. The children I work with benefit from being in nature and engaging in activities with the natural materials surrounding them. An explorative and kinaesthetic approach to activities is often favoured. I feel it prudent to adapt ones approach accordingly to meet the individual needs of each child and to nurture resilience and confidence.I have been working with Core Creative Education since Autumn 2018.

Louise Parker (Falconer, Mentor and Forest School Assistant)

I have a keen interest in the natural world which began in childhood, where I often would go looking for birds, particulary birds of prey, resulting in dissecting Owl pellets on the kitchen table! This love has grown over the years and lead me into the art of Falconry, which I have been practising for the past 15 years. During which time birds of prey have enriched my life and my connection with nature. I take great delight in using my birds to enrich childrens’ learning, both in the natural world and Falconry. In addition to this, I have worked for the RSPB and undertaken survey work for the BTO. I have worked with children in an educational setting for the past 3 years, and began working for CORE during 2018. I am currently studying a degree with the Open University In Environmental studies to further develop my knowledge of our interaction with the natural world. This year I will be delivering more Falconry sessions as part of the Forest & Farm Club programme Core delivers.

Bonnie Killmister (Mentor and Maths and Science Tutor)

I really enjoy bringing Maths and Science out of the classroom into the fresh air. It is my belief that children learn best when allowed to fully discuss, experience and explore their areas of interest, and Core’s culture of respect really allows them to thrive emotionally. I have spent 16 years working with home-educated children with varying abilities, ages and needs, both in groups and one to one, and the past three years as a private tutor with school-educated children. When I’m not mentoring at Limemead, I tutor GCSE students in Maths and Physics and am in my second year studying for a
degree in Chemistry.


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