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Past Courses and Training

Core Dance 

Life Circles: Creative Movement Training Programme

Core Dance delivers Life Circles Training & Mentoring courses on the benefits of Creative Movement in Care Homes. The programme is designed for Activity Coordinators, care staff and arts practitioners who are interested in developing and deepening the care provision they provide for their residents.

The Life Circles Training course is not about teaching dance, but an exploration of how movement, touch and dance can effectively engage with the individual as a whole person and improve their quality of life. Life Circles gives a beauty and integrity to people at the end of life that is truly inspiring.

‘This course has left me feeling very inspired and will help my residents feel much more engagement in life’ – Preston Park Care Home, Yeovil, 2015

‘It has introduced me to ways to reach out to those with severe dementia‘ – Barchester Care Home in Taunton, 2015

‘A really thorough exploration of the qualities needed to develop this work. Beautiful day with two fabulous experts – no-one felt left out or out of their comfort zone’ – Course participant, Crediton, 2014

Innovative, imaginative and inspiring community dance practise

“This course has left me feeling very inspired and I hope will help my residents feel much more engagement in life.”  E.M., Life Circles participant, January 2015

What Core Dance brings to settings we work in

‘Our team at Core Dance creates a fertile space where creativity can grow long after we have left. We strongly believe that everyone has a creative instinct and that our primary function is to facilitate meaningful and personal experiences where each person can find and develop their potential. Through our delivery and encounters with staff and participants, we embody this creativity at every point. By modelling best practise in language, content, pace and shared respect we give status to our profession and as a consequence, a weight and gravity to the value of dance in care settings’.

“This work is very important for the health and wellbeing of people… It is an essential activity to help maintain a person’s autonomy.”

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Please click here for the Life Circles taster film.

If you would like further information about the training, or would like to book a training course at your venue, please contact Rachelle Green: 01935 891661


Autumn 2013 & Spring 2014

Core Dance in partnership with Somerset Skills & Learning provided bespoke courses in Creative Movement Training for those working with adults/children with a learning disability. Delivered in groups and schools, Core Dance provided training for staff, carers and/or support workers, incorporating a programme developed for the needs of the children or adults they worked with. Trainees received a pack of lesson plans and ideas and a certificate.

Spring – Autumn 2012

KinderGardens Festival premiered the dance show Shapes ‘n’ Shadows, for the under 5s and their families, exploring themes from the natural world.

Nov12 419Nov12 610

Nov12 482

Midsummer Dance Summer 2013/2014/2015

Midsummer Dance – inclusive workshops and performance with Anna Golding, Core Dance and the No Limits team including dancers, musicians and one professional care worker. Dance workshops will take place in the beautiful outside spaces of Limemead Farm towards a free public performance on the final afternoon to friends and family in June 2015.

Please click here for the flyer: Midsummer Dance 2015.

Performance from Rachelle Green on Vimeo.


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